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Shibes by Timelady-Saxon
Lucien with his new shibes! (Yes, he named them after the last four Avatars XD)
Also, lol, he still reads the paper. What a tool.     
The Bishop of Spirituality and the Iron Rose by Timelady-Saxon
The Bishop of Spirituality and the Iron Rose
 My Sabbat character, and my friend's Sabbat character.
 Hematite is the horned one, Ductus of Dominium Res and aspiring to become Bishop of Secrets.
 Images-Cease is the Bishop of Spirituality of Madison and priest of Iron Crucible. (I believe >_>) 

Uhh.. Update thing!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 26, 2012, 4:45 PM

A couple things... This is really pathetic of me, but it's been three years, and I think it's time to admit that..
I've got lineart and all skin, half clothes/hair done. I've been working on the second half of the piece and, I kid you not, every time i open it, something goes wrong with this computer. I've got a new computer in the making, which will probably be able to open it, no problem, but every time I open it.. and see my 3-year-old chunk of something I can't chew, i get overwhelmed and have to stop for whatever reason.
The story is all written out, and on the hard drive i salvaged from my old laptop before saltwater fried it. I just needs 20% of the picture finished.. But i'm seriously having a block with this picture. Any ideas?

As soon as I know I can afford it, I'm going to be changing the name of this account. Riku was a different part of me, that I shed at the middle of my senior year in high school. I don't know what I'm going to change it to, yet, but I have some ideas :P Something with Time..

I'll be uploading a bit more frequently once i get my new computer. It's probably the second-most expensive thing i've ever bought for myself. I have someone I trust building it for me, and the motherboard they sent (which we thought would work, even though it was the wrong one) didn't recognise the video card, so we had to send it back. They're sending us our actual one, and hopefully it'll be here by next week. Until then, i'm stuck on my brother's computer, with a PS trial, laggy WoW, no WoW model viewer, or an ability to normally check my Facebook account (it's blocked me on this computer for whatever reason). On top of the computer, though, I need a new mouse, keyboard, and probably monitor. Depressing. I'm just hoping that i'll be able to somehow hook my old scanner up to the computer, because if not, that's.. gonna suck :(


Some Random Thoughts:
  I'm loving Adventure Time. Omg. This show. XD I need a Marceline cosplay! she's so awesome.

I think I like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. .. BUT AT THE SAME TIME I HATE IT. UGGHH. WTF.

How did I not listen to Marilyn Manson before? My lover got me into Marilyn Manson a little (just a little). It's kind of good.
WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW. Must draw moar WoW characters!!

I need to rp more.. I have so many characters and they all sit there, throwing soda cans at me and yelling profanities because they're bored and have nothing to do.

Wolves. I love wolves. :D Wolfy wolf wolves.

I really want to do more art than 2D stuff.. i wish i was more skilled with sculpey, but the stuff is so hard to handle when it's room temperature.. worse when it's heated by your hand..

Oh! I already have the picture for the next segment in Laelinei's story,but, in opposite to Sun Pt.2, it's got no story typed out yet :P it's all in my head, though! Good plans, good plans.

I've been reading the books from the Maximum Ride series. Dear glob are some of these characters annoying as shit- and it only makes it worse because I HATE children. And half of them are kids. Angel, Gasman, and Nudge, I constantly wish death upon. Total needs to die, too. And I know what you're thinking- but, S'anna, you love dogs! What's better than a TALKING dog?! Well, I'll tell you, hypothetical reader. He's only got one purpose, and that is cheap, pathetic comic relief. And it's awful. As of, I think, the second or third book, he was in a cage, being experimented on by scientists. How the hell does he know all these trivial things if he grew up in a cage? And don't tell me he didn't grow up in a cage- if you're a scientist who works on genetic splicing and shit, stick with the shit you've been doing all this time. Everything they experimented on was an embryo, or at least very young. Some dog that's just been born isn't going to have been in all places of the world and get a complete opinion on all things you encounter? Be well-versed on "Fine wines" and shit? Seriously Total, you're not funny. Oh, and what's that? You want to fly, so you conveniently gain wings in the fourth book? Excellent. e_e Now we have an annoying "scottie" dog that thinks he deserves and knows everything, is better than everyone else, but liked to be humourous about it, and now can FLY just like the other kids.
Onto the other characters- Angel, just annoying because she's a kid. She whines about things she can't get, is apparently sooooo cuuuttee that you can't resist her. Well, I can. And it's ridiculous how she just so happens to continuously get new powers! There she is! Super-cute, super-special Angel! Youngest and most gifted of the group, so you HAVE to love her and think it's adorable when she gets herself into so much trouble!
No, you stupid little brat, listen to Max when she says no and if you're so damn smart, then realise that you can't always get what you want.

Gasman- I know this is a "young adult" book, but really, are fart jokes still supposed to be hilarious after you're 8 years old? I mean, seriously. Extremely unneccessary character. Ohh! And his new special power is to... fart even harder? Oh. I get it. It's supposed to be so stupid, that it's funny? Nope, still not getting it. And his way of going about things reminds me of why I hate kids.

Nudge- .. isn't actually too horrible. I just hate how they keep insisting on how she talks all the time and stuff..

Other than that, i love the other three. Fang, Max, and Iggy are cool shit.
And I'm sure most of you haven't read the books, but I ranted about it anyways :P

Update: :D!!!!111one :iconartbysabinae: gave me a subscription so I could change my username!! <3 Thank you so much!! I've waited for this day sooooo long!!


Purple- This takes place when Lae finally meets  Laet after her long search. Take note that some things are fuzzy since I still had some kinks to work out in Lae's baqueground. This will all be cleared up as her story progresses and I have time to fix the errors.
Also take note that it is Mature Content for the picture and the story. Does have some graphic parts in it.…

Days- This is when Lae first meets Lae as a child in Auberdine. It is 3rd person.…

Years- This part of the story continues Lae and Laet's stories separately as they continue their lives after Auberdine's raid. They are both in 3rd person and it is mature content only for part of Laet's story, not the picture.…

Death- One of my favourites! A continuation of only Laet's story after his capture in Mathystra. It is in 3rd person and a little tear-jerking if your especially sympathetic.…

   -Version Two- The first part of the Sunrise story, actually. I was just trying to trique you! Just kidding. Laet's story only. This is where Laet first meets Luchraline Dawnbringer. It is in 1st person through Laet speaking. In my opinion, it's a little long. Just a little. XD…

   -Version One- The second part of the Sunrise story, since version two and one felt like trading. Laet's story only. It is in 3rd person and about the same length as the first part.…

Sunset- Lae's story only. When Lae becomes more settled in the academy. Mostly dialogue and humourous in my opinion. =P…

Chess- Lae and Laet's story. Laelinei's relationships break apart as Laet'Tahal and Luchraline devise an escape plan.
Mature content for Laelinei's story only, not the picture.…

Sun- Laet's story only. Laet's escape plan deviates into something a little more dangerous and Drusva makes a dire mistake.…

Cheap-a$$ Comics!

Here are comics that are part of the story in a way, but in comic form:

Through the Fire- This seems to take place a day or two before Purple, as this could be the same Draenei from that story and Laet's choice of minion is also Juk'Thang over Drusva.
Page 1:…
Page 2:…
Page 3:…

Lovers- Not really what the name describes, seeing as Lae and Laet aren't lovers (as much as you want them to be). Laet goes through Orgrimmar and it's 'apparently' Lae's first real trip to the Barrens. Of course, this can't be true, because of the story in Purple. Like I said, I have a lot of kinks to work on, bear with me XD. If you can't read this, I have the dialogue typed out in the description.
Page 1:…
Page 2:…
Page 3:…

And, scattered around my World of Warcraft section in my gallery and various other illustrations (like the Naga Laet had relations with for instance) with no stories. Some are just to help you visualize.)

  • Listening to: Forget It - Breaking Benjamin
  • Reading: Max - 5th book in the Maximum Ride series
  • Watching: Adventure Time
  • Playing: WoW
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Madiera red wine


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Vess Vanos
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I kill for a living.

Hi. I draw stuff. Mostly characters and comics and comics of characters and whatnot.
I play WoW I guess. Dunno why. I play LoL, too.
But the only one I really like is The Secret World. So if you play that, we should be friends.

Also, my dog rules the universe. She created us all and is the one true Dog. Hail and worship her and she will give you puppy kisses.

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